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Personalized Heart Failure Management

Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a Chronic, progressive condition. Increase in the prevalence of the disease is a result of increased incidence, ageing population, increased survival from other cardiovascular diseases, history of other chronic conditions such as hypertension, and diabetes. Treatment involves treating those underlying conditions and in managing symptoms. Often characterized by symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and fluid retention, heart failure requires careful management and lifestyle adjustments.



New Annual Diagnosis 






Annual Readmission



Living with
Heart Failure

AIKON Health
Personalized Heart Failure Management

Revolutionize heart failure care with our proprietary Heart Failure Monitoring Device. This cutting-edge wearable, integrated with digital health solutions, empowers cardiologists and nurses in precise medication titration and effective management of HF patients. Stay ahead of heart health challenges with continuous monitoring and personalized insights. Elevate patient care through technology that integrates seamlessly in the workflow.

Reduce readmission of heart failure patients by up to 25%

Value Drivers

User friendly, comfortable device for long-term wear to improve adherence.

Improved workflow for continuous monitoring of heart failure specific parameters.

Integration with HIS / RPM for improved interoperability.

Clinically validated digital biomarkers for early intervention and prediction.

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