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Caring for your patients has never been easier

Healthcare professionals face increased workload in the management of patients with chronic diseases. Cardiologists and Cardiology Nurses encounter additional challenges when managing heart failure patients, including the complexity of treatment plans, medication adherence issues, and the need for constant monitoring. The intricate nature of heart failure requires continuous adjustments of medication and lifestyle recommendations. 

Our innovative solution provides continuous longitudinal data of patients post-discharge from the hospital. This easy to use, comfortable wearable solution improves measurement adherence among patients and empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, enhance patient care, and ultimately improve the prognosis for individuals dealing with heart failure.

Improved workflow for continuous monitoring of vital parameters

Healthcare Professional Benefits

Improved workflow for continuous monitoring of heart failure specific parameters.

Integration with HIS / RPM for improved interoperability.

Prompt intervention for better patient outcome

Clinically validated digital biomarkers for early intervention and prediction.

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