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Living with heart failure is a daily struggle, marked by a series of challenges that significantly impact patients and their support networks. One major hurdle is the necessity for frequent polyclinic visits, disrupting normal routines and placing additional burden on patients already dealing with a debilitating condition. The demand for frequent measurement of vital signs, including blood pressure and weight monitoring, adds an extra layer of complexity to their daily life.

The burden extends beyond the individual, affecting caregivers and family members who shoulder the responsibilities of medication management, appointment coordination, and emotional support. Ensuring hypertension remains under control becomes a critical focus, demanding strict adherence to medications and lifestyle adjustments.

Heart failure patients also had to deal with the persistent threat of fluid buildup, leading to symptoms like shortness of breath. To address these challenges, there is a growing recognition of the need for remote monitoring solutions, allowing healthcare providers to access continuous, long-term data. Our innovation from AIKON Health is aimed at providing real-time insights into a patient’s condition and their response to medication, offering a personalized intervention and enhancing overall care.

User-friendly and comfortable device for long-term wear

Patient Benefits

User friendly, comfortable device for long-term wear to improve adherence.

Patient engagement by involving them in their own healthcare

Avoid frequent polyclinic visits and readmissions

Individualized and continous care to improve quality of life 

Medical Consultation
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